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Vegas Plus!

Written By: Chris - Dec• 27•11

Andrew and I spent the Christmas holiday in Vegas with the Fishpaw family. On Christmas eve, we went to the Hoover Dam and Andrew proposed! I said yes, and I’m so excited to start planning our next awesome journey!



Montgomery County Fair

Written By: Chris - Sep• 05•11

Today, we went to the Montgomery County Fair to see the demolition derby. Andrew wore his fancy boots and Texas belt buckle. He would still come in last place for “fits in” at this fair. It’s a hillbilly jamboree!!


The new desk

Written By: Andrew - Jul• 29•11

After much rearranging we got the big desk out of the spare bedroom and was able to replace it with an even bigger desk;) whatever baby wants, baby gets.


Written By: Chris - Jul• 17•11

For our anniversary, we started with a trip to Dave And Busters (passed 31,000 tickets today!), before heading to Cincy for dinner. We decided to sample some of our past dates to celebrate our first year together. This brought us back to our favorite Mediterranean restaurant, Andy’s. Y. U. M.


Mobile Posting

Written By: Chris - Jul• 15•11

I have discovered the WP mobile app that geotags posts!
Also, this AM I took a picture of some of Andrew’s pretty gardening :)!



Written By: Chris - Jul• 15•11

As we approach our anniversary, I’m getting very excited to share this website with Andrew & the world!  I think it will be a great way for both of us to track our most exciting (or not) adventures!

A Quick Kentucky Jaunt

Written By: Chris - Jul• 05•11

For the July 4th Holiday, we drove down to the Bourbon trail, enjoying samples of Four Roses, Woodford Reserve, and Maker’s Mark.  We dipped some pretty kick-ass bottles of Maker’s into hot red wax!

We also visited the gravesite of American President Zachary Taylor.  He is currently buried, and was not, in fact, poisoned.


Written By: Chris - May• 16•11

Today, I found out that I will be promoted to Assistant Director starting July 1.  So. freaking. excited!


Written By: Chris - Apr• 30•11

This evening, we drove to one of our favorite Cincinnati theatres to enjoy the remarkable [Title of Show].  Afterwards, we enjoyed some good-ol’ Zip Burgers.  We then stopped by Beth’s apartment to see her new living arrangements before heading home!

Hamburgers… Again

Written By: Chris - Apr• 30•11

We sure do love hamburgers (and eating)!  Today, we wandered over to Miamisburg for some World Famous Hamburger Wagon.  While the onion was overpowering at first, the simple design and freshly fried meat combined for a delicious treat!

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